After 14 days of your booking you have to pay 10 % of the final price.

The rest you have to pay when you arrive.
When you book 3 days befor you come you have to pay the whole price at your arrival. 

If we have to repaire things or to buy new things or if we have to do a special cleaning we have to send you a seperate payment. 

Not coming:
By rescission or not coming you have to pay 90 % of the price for 1 day on which we are not able to book the appartment for another family. The 90 % are the price for the rescission.


Kreissparkasse Rhein - Hunsrück
Konto :     DE76560517900102282894

If you remit the amount you have to write down your payment number, the date when you arrive and when you leave your name and your familiar name 

We hope you are appreciative for this 

Fam. Bernd Metzenroth